In today’s world, we are able to experience Virtual Reality like never before.
With HTC Vive we are able to be inside a 3d space and can actually move in 3 dimensions and interact with objects, unlike 360 only videos.
This magical experience is very difficult to explain. If you haven’t tried this, I encourage you to rent a Vive or visit an arcade with Vive to give it a try.

 I use Unreal Engine 4 and HTC Vive to make VR games. But I also have architecture background.
This is why I can offer a solution you haven’t heard.

Let’s say you are an architect/firm and you would like to show the finished product to your customers.
You used to be able to take several renders or very cost and time expensive animations of a tour of the house.
What I offer is, I remake your design in 3ds Max and import it to Unreal Engine and implement VR functionality.
This way you will be able to let your customer to have a super realistic Virtual Reality tour of the finished product like they are actually there.
They can walk around, explore every detail, choose which way to move, interact with the environment.
You cannot have this in 3d Renders or animations because they are pre-rendered and cannot be modified.
I can even implement interactions such as object placement, replacement, color changing. Options are beyond imagination.

You can watch a demonstration video by Valve bellow, showing abilities of HTC Vive.

Play Video

Here is a list of what I use for this production.
Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture
Autodesk Revit
Google SketchUp
Unreal Engine 4
HTC Vive VR Kit

Every project requires different amount of work from only couple of hours to several weeks.
Send me your projects to get an estimated delivery time and a reasonable price offer.
We can also arrange a demonstration in which I bring my VR kit to your office and you can give it a try on a sample apartment project.
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